Kind Country

Kind Coungry, Tim McG photo

Kind Country is a Minneapolis–based jamgrass band, playing American standards as well as their own brand of “Cosmic American” music. Since their formation in 2012, they’ve focused on creating live performances with high levels of improvisation and energy.

In 2013, Kind Country released their self-titled debut album, Kind Country. Their second full-length album, Highway 7, was produced by Ryan Young of Trampled by Turtles and released in 2015. The guys quickly followed up with a five-track studio EP, Mountains, which was released in the spring of 2017.

Originally a four-piece string band, they expanded into a six-member ensemble featuring Mitch Johnson (guitar), Brandon Johnson (guitar), Max Graham (mandolin), Joe Sheehan (bass), Chris Forsberg (violin), and Chris Wittrock (drums).

Ming Lee Newcomb, in Live for Live Music, declares: “These guys have something special going on. . . . [They] create a sound that is truly their own. However, they still stay true to their string-band origins and bluegrass roots, with their energetic playing and the talent among the six players.”

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