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Great River Folk Fest—Sunday

Sunday Daytime Activities: 10:00 - 4:00

Riverside Park (Rain or shine)

Sunday, August 27

Daytime Performance Schedule

11:00-11:45 Main Stage Tribute to Simon & Garfunkel
11:00-12:00 Children’s Area Art Factory
11:30-12:30 Site B Native American Flute Workshop
12:00-1:00 Children’s Area Crafts
12:45-2:00 Main Stage Favorites
1:00-1:45 Site B  
1:00-2:00 Children’s Area Story Telling
Bluff Country Tale Spinners
Peter Petersilie and Teri Wachuta
2:00-3:30 Site B Clogging
2:00-3:00 Children’s Area Old School Variety Show, Jr. Edition, Open mic and talent show (kids of all ages)
2:15-3:30 Site A Originals & Songwriting
3:00-3:30 Children’s Area Children’s Songs
3:30-5:00 Children’s Area Crafts

Sunday Farewell Concert: 4:00

Riverside Park (Rain or shine)
Free with Sunday Day Pass

Watch for the 2017 Raffle

Prizes include:

Raffle tickets will be available at the Fest, at Wrench and Roll Collective, and at various Fest-related events throughout the summer.

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BillMiller_250Bill Miller

The Barefoot Movement

Michael Scott

Chicago Farmer


Last Revel

Andy Hughes

Ultrasonic Duo

Scenes from 2016.
Riverside Park, La Crosse

WoodCarvers_JWeigel_ff8 LakeGarren_JWeigel_ff36 Steitz_JWeigel_ff25
Coulee Region Wood Carvers (left); Jewler Lake Garren (center); Sarah Streitz (right). Photos: Jerry Weigel
BestWayGyros_JWeigel_ff33 AllenKizziah_JWeigel_ff37
Best Way Gyros (left); Allen Kizziah—Al's Comic Boxes (right). Photos: Jerry Weigel
JohnGorka_IMG_1956Stuber_ PaulCebar_IMG_1902Stuber_
John Gorka (left); Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound (right). Photos: Bob Stuber
Contest_JWeigel_ff46 Childrens_JWegel_FF56 PaulCebar_IMG_1896Stuber_
Songwriter Contest Performer (left); Children's area (center). Photos Jerry Weigel. Paul Cebar (right). Photo: Bob Stuber
Patchouli_IMG_1868Stuber_ Sunday_IMG_1939Stuber_
Patchouli (left); Sunday's Closing Concert (right). Photos: Bob Stuber